Purchasing a property on an island in the Caribbean can be exciting but also a bit daunting. We offer our concierge services to help you through each step of the way.

Whether you have been to the island several times, are planning a trip to see the island for the first time, or would like to invest in Ambergris Caye (a top 25 destination in the world – Trip Advisor, 2017) from the comfort of your own home, we would like to offer assistance to make the best possible decision that aligns with your personal investment philosophy.

Our Concierge Services


Free market analysis presentation – introducing you to the current market research which will help you make a more informed investment decision Free Personalized 1-day Investment Tour to introduce you to the island and properties of Ambergris Caye. This tour will include information about life on the island as well as viewing many of the investment opportunities available in Ambergris Caye. (There is a fee associated with the extended tour which includes a boat tour to parts of the island we can’t reach by cart in the shorter tour – the fee covers the cost of the boat/captain)


Planning your visit – someone from our office will assist in planning your visit to our island and will help you with reservations, suggestions of what to do, where to stay, and for the foodies out there, help with suggestions of the best restaurants on the island. We can help plan part or all of your trip to the island.


Forming an LLC or self-directed IRA – If you are planning to purchase a property for strictly investment purposes, we can assist you in setting up a company in your name from the US as well as setting up a self-directed IRA. Investing in Belize with retirement funds is very enticing.


To assist you with your move (either part-year or full-year to Ambergris Caye. Whether you have questions about bringing a pet to the island, moving your things here via cargo container, Qualified Retirement Program (QRP), want to know more about schools, church, shopping, or fun things to do, just ask! We can help with all of this!


Real estate agents do not need to be licensed in the country of Belize. In fact, there is no licensing in the entire country of Belize. Someone could decide to be a real estate agent and open a mom-and-pop company and start selling property. There is a huge safety net by purchasing a property from a world-wide brand such as Re/Max. This is one of the reasons why we will tell you – Relax, it’s Re/Max.


Prior to visiting the island, while visiting the island and after your visit to answer any of your questions, assist with the purchase process, or help with setting up a company from home to hold your property/company


Sign up for Concierge Services and then come to visit us at our office or attend our free personalized 1-day Investment Tour. If you end up purchasing a property for at least $150,000, we will refund up to $1,000 dollars of your cost airfare that brought you to our island.

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